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windscreen cover

what is windscreen cover?

Windscreen cover is not always covered under your motor Insurance policy. If you have third party fire and theft cover or below on your vehicle insurance you may not have glass cover included as part of your policy. Autonet can provide you with this optional extra cover should repairs or replacements be needed to your windscreen, side windows or rear windows.

This could turn out to be very costly if you were to pay for the repairs yourself. In line with this, an additional benefit of this policy is that any claims made will not affect your no claims bonus - all of this for just £35.95 a year!  

do I need windscreen cover?

The glass in a motor vehicle can be extremely expensive. Having the correct cover in place will ensure that you will not be left with a hefty bill should anything happen to it. Little ‘chips’ in your windscreen can be very common when driving on busy roads such as motorways.

Vehicles travelling at high speeds can flick bits of debris up into the air and scratch and break the glass in your vehicle. If you ignore a little 'chip' then any sudden bump in the road could turn that ‘chip’ into a massive break in the glass. They are easily repairable at the time so why run the risk of letting it develop into something worse?

glass cover for just £35.95

By arranging this cover your windscreen and windows of your insured vehicle will be covered for just £35.95 for the year and the excess should you need to make a claim is £50 if you use an approved repairer. You will be covered for up to £300 above your excess in any one period of cover. There is no cover provided for damage to sunroofs or panoramic windscreens and you cannot make a claim within the first 30 days of the start date of the policy. 

Cover is underwritten by the UK Branch of Inter Partner Assistance S.A. a Belgian firm authorised by the National Bank of Belgium. Deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details of the Temporary Permissions Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the UK for a limited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording.

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