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What is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance is a type of policy that covers multiple business vehicles (known as a ‘fleet’) at once. 

The key benefit of Fleet Insurance is that it’s an easy way of insuring multiple vehicles, rather than keeping on top of dozens of car insurance policies. Instead, you only need to renew one policy, even if you have different drivers. 

How does Fleet Insurance work?

Fleet Insurance works by covering all the vehicles your business operates under one policy that is registered in the name of the company itself or in the name of a partner or director. Motor fleets can vary wildly in size depending on your operation:

  • Small fleets — Local trade businesses may have a fleet of as few as two vehicles. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘mini fleet’. We work with some insurers who do offer cover for two-vehicle fleets. 
  • Large fleets — Some taxi firms can have hundreds of vehicles in their fleets, so they often benefit most from a bespoke Large Fleet Insurance quote.

What does Fleet Insurance cover?

Depending on your individual circumstances, a Fleet Insurance policy can provide protection for:

  • Loss of, or damage to, your vehicles
  • Vehicle recovery in the event of a breakdown or accident
  • Support with paying legal fees
  • Damage to your vehicles’ windscreens and windows
  • Replacement locks should your keys be stolen
  • Help towards medical expenses should you or a passenger be hurt in an accident in a  vehicle that’s part of your covered motor fleet

We understand that your business needs can be complicated. That’s why we can also provide Fleet Insurance for:

  • Protection for personal belongings that are lost or damaged in a vehicle insured under the policy
  • Trailers attached or connected to a vehicle insured under the policy

Please note that all the benefits listed above are subject to the policy you choose through our specially-selected and trusted insurers.

What levels of Fleet Insurance cover are available?

We use a panel of insurers to give you two cover options for your Fleet Insurance policy:

  • Comprehensive — The highest level of insurance you can have for your vehicles. A comprehensive Fleet Insurance policy covers you for damage to your vehicles, as well as any damage caused to other vehicles in a collision. You can claim for damages even if your drivers are deemed to be at fault.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) — While you won’t be able to claim for most damages to your vehicles on TPFT, you will be able to claim if they’re stolen or catch fire. You’ll also be covered for any damage to other road users and their cars.

What types of vehicles can I insure?

The types of vehicles required for a successful operation vary from business to business. Thankfully, Fleet Insurance covers the following vehicle types:

  • Cars
  • Taxis
  • Motorcycles (if part of a fleet with other types of vehicles)
  • HGVs and trucks
  • Minibuses
  • Vans

Why choose us for your Fleet Insurance?

  • Extensive experience — We have over 15 years' experience in finding suitable Fleet Insurance deals for our customers.
  • Specialist insurers — We compare quotes from a specialist panel of Fleet Insurance providers to give you the cheapest one we get back.
  • Repairs covered — If your car is damaged, our Comprehensive policy will cover the repair cost up to the market value of your car (this includes both accidents and malicious damage).
  • Market-value pay-outs — If a vehicle in your fleet is damaged or a total loss due to fire or theft, we will pay out up to its current market value.
  • Inclusive Windscreen Cover — Windscreen Cover is included in our comprehensive Fleet Insurance options so you don’t have to buy it separately.